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"Work until your idols become your rivals."

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This is the best motivation quote I ever read

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"You wallow. You wallow and wallow until there’s nothing left to wallow about. You stew in your own sadness, until there’s nothing left to be depressed about. You must wallow in the way moonlight hits their skin, the way they toss their hair and smile, the way they kiss and hug and hold hands. Every detail must be held and coddled and kissed, each individual one, and then let go. You have to go through each file in the folder they have in your brain, no matter how big or small, and you must look every part of them in the face with wild abandon. Don’t hold anything back, no detail, no emotion. Feel them to the fullest extent.
And then they can truly leave. You will become desensitized. The way to move on, is to look back."
"How to Get Over Someone", Sylvia (via despawndent)
"Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit."
C.G. Jung. (via foreigncloud)
"Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain. Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Whatever the substance you are addicted to - alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person - you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain."
Eckhart Tolle (via cosmofilius)